What is a Companies House Confirmation Statement?

companies house confirmation statement


Companies House, the official government register of UK companies, plays a vital role in maintaining accurate and up-to-date information about businesses operating in the United Kingdom. One essential requirement for all registered companies is submitting an annual Confirmation Statement. In this article, we will delve into the details of what a Companies House Confirmation Statement is, why it is important, and how companies can fulfill this obligation.

Companies House Confirmation Statement

Understanding the Companies House Confirmation Statement:

The Companies House Confirmation Statement, previously known as the Annual Return, is a legal requirement for all UK-registered companies. It serves as an annual snapshot of a company’s key information, ensuring that Companies House possesses the most current and accurate details about the company’s structure and operations.

Key Components of the Confirmation Statement:

  1. Company Details: The Confirmation Statement includes basic information about the company, such as its registered name, registered office address, and company number.
  2. Shareholder Information: Companies must disclose details of their shareholders, including their names, addresses, and the number and types of shares they hold.
  3. Directors and Officers: The Confirmation Statement requires companies to list their directors and officers, providing their names, addresses, and other pertinent information.
  4. Statement of Capital: This section outlines the company’s share capital, including the total number of shares issued and their aggregate nominal value.
  5. SIC Codes: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes categorize businesses according to their nature of activity. The Confirmation Statement requires companies to provide their SIC codes to identify their primary business activities.
  6. People with Significant Control (PSC): Companies must disclose any individuals or legal entities that exert significant control over their operations. This includes details of their ownership or control percentages.

Submission and Filing:

The Confirmation Statement must be submitted to Companies House annually. Companies have 14 days from the statement’s due date, which is usually a year from the incorporation date or the date of the previous Confirmation Statement, to submit it. The statement can be filed online via the Companies House website or by postal mail.

Importance and Compliance:

The Confirmation Statement is crucial for maintaining accurate and transparent company records. It ensures that Companies House possesses the most up-to-date information about a company’s structure, ownership, and key personnel. It also helps prevent fraudulent activities, provides transparency to stakeholders and the public, and assists regulatory bodies in enforcing compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Failure to File:

Non-compliance with the annual Confirmation Statement requirement can have serious consequences. It can result in fines, potential criminal charges against the directors, and even the dissolution of the company.


The Companies House Confirmation Statement is a fundamental requirement for all registered companies in the UK. By submitting this statement annually, businesses fulfill their obligation to provide accurate and up-to-date information about their operations, structure, and ownership. It plays a crucial role in maintaining transparency, preventing fraudulent activities, and ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory obligations. Companies should prioritize timely and accurate submissions to avoid potential penalties and maintain a good standing with Companies House.

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