How Does a Director Leave a Limited Company?

Director leave a limited company


A limited company, also known as a corporation, is a legal entity that operates separately from its owners or shareholders. Within a limited company, the directors play a crucial role in managing its affairs and making important decisions. However, there may be circumstances where a director needs to leave the company due to various reasons such as retirement, resignation, or other personal circumstances. This article provides a detailed overview of the process involved when a director decides to leave a limited company.

How Does a Director Leave a Limited Company?

  • Understand the Company’s Articles of Association:

The Articles of Association are a set of rules and regulations that govern the internal operations of a limited company. It is essential for the director to review the company’s Articles of Association to determine the procedure for the director’s resignation or removal. These articles typically outline the steps and requirements for a director to leave the company.

  • Inform the Board of Directors:

The resigning director should communicate their intention to leave the company to the board of directors. It is advisable to do this in writing, clearly stating the effective date of resignation. This notification allows the board to initiate the necessary processes and make arrangements to fill the vacancy left by the departing director.

  • Directors’ Resignation Resolution:

Once the board is aware of the director’s intention to resign, they must hold a board meeting to formally accept the resignation. During this meeting, the remaining directors should pass a resolution to acknowledge and accept the resignation. It is essential to document the resolution in the minutes of the meeting.

  • Notify Companies House:

Companies House is the official government registry for companies in the United Kingdom, responsible for maintaining accurate records of all registered companies. The resigning director or the company secretary must notify the Companies House of the director’s departure within 14 days. This notification can be done online by submitting the required forms and providing relevant information such as the director’s details and effective date of resignation.

  • Update the Statutory Registers:

In addition to notifying Companies House, the company must update its internal registers to reflect the change in directorship. The statutory registers, including the register of directors and register of directors’ residential addresses, should be updated promptly to remove the departing director’s details.

  • Inform Shareholders and Employees:

Depending on the company’s size and structure, it may be necessary to inform shareholders and employees about the director’s departure. Shareholders can be notified through official correspondence or during the company’s annual general meeting. Internal communication should also be initiated to ensure employees are aware of the change and any impact it may have on the organization.

  • Handover Responsibilities:

Before leaving, the resigning director should ensure a smooth transition by completing a proper handover of their responsibilities, tasks, and any relevant documentation. This handover process helps maintain continuity and minimizes disruption to the company’s operations.


When a director decides to leave a limited company, a series of steps must be followed to ensure a seamless transition. By understanding the company’s Articles of Association, notifying the board, updating official records, and properly handing over responsibilities, the departing director can facilitate a smooth departure. It is important to comply with legal requirements and maintain open communication with shareholders and employees throughout the process.

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